Anthro Esoterica

Anthro Esoterica Incense

Welcome! Our mission at Anthro Esoterica is to share our extreme passion for anthropomorphics, incense, aromatics, essential oils, plant medicine, and esoterica of all sorts, with you!

Ancient and modern peoples across the world hold the aromatic resins of certain plants and trees to a very high esteem. To them, the resins were (and are) biological gold; medicines, food presertaves, perfumes, incense, flavorings, spiritual tools, and much more.

We take both common and uncommon aromatic plant resins and blend them together to create a richer and fuller experience of each variety of incense.

The raw resin incense that we provide should be burned on a coal that is placed in an incense censer or other non-flammable and safe surface. We will have coals and censers available on our site soon!

Our current incense blends are: Foxy Frankincense, Oh Myrrh!, Pleasant Pine Marten Resin, Dragon's Blood, Quetzal-Copal, and Bastet Blend. We are developing new blends and extracts at the moment as well, so please check in later for new items!

Our incense can currently be ordered from our Etsy site at

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