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Anthro Esoterica Incense: Pleasant Pine Marten Resin

Pleasant Pine Marten Incense Blend

Our Pleasant Pine Marten Resin is a delightful and enticing blend of several varieties of Pine resins, most from Arizona and the western United States. The base mixture is a blend of wild harvested Pinyon and Ponderosa pine resins sourced from around Northern Arizona. Our Pinyon resin is harvested from wild trees (some centuries old) on a plot of land we own northeast of Show Low, Arizona, overlooking the vast Colorado Plateau.

In addition to these two resins, we also add Portuguese Colophony (Pine Rosin), and other varieties of pine resin when we can, such as from Pinus Contorta and others. The colophony merges the sweetness of the Ponderosa resin with the more complex Pinyon resin, for a full-bodied aroma that will change your perception of the scents of pine.

One bag of Pine Resin One 30 gram bag: $7.00
Three bags of Pine Resin Three 30 gram bags: $18.00
Ten bags of Pine Resin Ten 30 gram bags: $60.00
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Label by Obonic

Our Plesant Pine Marten Resin incense blend can currently be ordered from our Etsy site at

The raw resin incense that we provide should be burned on a coal that is placed in an incense censer or other non-flammable and safe surface. We will have coals and censers available on our site soon!