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Anthro Esoterica Incense: Oh Myrrh!

Oh Myrrh Incense Blend

Oh Myrrh, how we adore you here at Anthro Esoterica! Another famous resin of antiquity, the Myrrh family of plants produce fine aromatic and medicinal* resins that have been highly valued for centuries. While the name "Myrrh" is derived from the Arabic word for "bitter", we hope that you will find it's scent as warm, sweet and alurring as we do!

Oh Myrrh! is a special blend of, at minimum, Commiphora myrrha, Common Myrrh, Commiphora wightii, Guggul/Bdellium, and Commiphora erythraea, Opoponax.

Other varieties of Myrrh/commiphora resins will be added to the mixture when available.

* -- These statements and products have not been approved by the FDA to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult a medical professional about any medical issues. Herbal suppliments are not replacements for medical care.

One bag of Oh Myrrh One 42 gram bag: $5.00
Three bags of Oh Myrrh Three 42 gram bags: $12.00
Ten bags of Oh Myrrh Ten 42 gram bags: $40.00
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Label by Anjel

Our Oh Myrrh incense blend can currently be ordered from our Etsy site at

The raw resin incense that we provide should be burned on a coal that is placed in an incense censer or other non-flammable and safe surface. We will have coals and censers available on our site soon!