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Anthro Esoterica: Foxy Frankincense

Foxy Frankincense Incense Blend

Entice your senses with this wonderful mixture of different varieties of Frankincense from the near east. Foxy Frankincense includes the resin of several types of Frankincense, including Boswellia sacra/carteri (Sacred Frankincense), Boswellia frereana (Maydi or Coptic Frankincense), and Boswellia neglecta Ethiopian Black Frankincense.

Other varieties of Frankincense, such as Bosweilla Serrata and Hojary grades will be added during times of availability.

One bag of Foxy Frankincense One 40 gram bag: $8.00
Three bags of Foxy Frankincense Three 40 gram bags: $20.00
Ten bags of Foxy Frankincense Ten 40 gram bags: $65.00
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Label by Triad Fox

Our Foxy Frankincense incense blend can currently be ordered from our Etsy site at

The raw resin incense that we provide should be burned on a coal that is placed in an incense censer or other non-flammable and safe surface. We will have coals and censers available on our site soon!